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Medical and Dental Practices: Is insurance follow-up eating up your staff time?

11 Feb

Insurance companies have a vested interest in paying your practice as slowly as possible. They will delay, deny, and “on-hold” you to death just to keep your money a few days longer and earn interest on that money.


Living “on-hold” with insurance companies seems to be a way of life for some of your office staff, as clerks search forever for claim information. Sitting and waiting while they look up claims is costing you big time, not just in employee salaries, but also in lost productive time.


What if there was a highly effective, inexpensive way to motivate insurance companies to contact you regarding those claims? What if you didn’t have to waste the time of your employees “on-hold?” What if you could get an answer or your money more quickly?


Transworld Systems, a sponsored program with the AMA, a Preferred Vendor with the MGMA, and the largest collector of medical debt in the US, has a unique Insurance Resolution service that you can use to make these things a reality. For a low flat fee per claim, you can have them contact the insurance companies for you. When the insurance companies are contacted by a third party such as Transworld Systems, they will treat the inquiry with much higher priority than they will when they are contacted by your practice or a hospital. When receiving a third party inquiry, they are required to escalate the inquiry to a supervisor, and then have the supervisor contact your practice to resolve the claim.

It’s quick, it’s inexpensive, and it’s easy. And best of all, you can have your “on-hold” person spend their time on something less frustrating and more profitable for your practice.

It is just one of a whole suite of services that Transworld Systems can provide for your practice to help you get paid faster by both patients and insurance companies. Contact me for a free 30 minute demonstration of their services and a no-obligation analysis of your Accounts Receivable. Call me at 888-780-1333, or email me at davidhwiener@gmail.com.

Great news for users of Epic, Mysis Tiger, Mac Practice, and Medisoft PM Software

21 Nov

Not only does Transworld Systems offer the most unique and cost effective solutions for managing a medical practices patient accounts, they now offer an interface with most major medical practice management software packages.  New to the list is:

Mysis Tiger
Mac Practice and

Users of these, and many other software packages/systems can now seamlessly interface with Transworld’s unique 4-stage approach to patient A/R management.  This revolutionary, automated, technology based solutions provides medical practices with the ability to:

1.  Cut internal expenses and staff time spent chasing slow pay and delinquent patient accounts
2.  Speed up cash flow and increase bottom line profits for the practice
3.  Ensure compliance with ever increasing and changing Federal, State and local regulations.
4.  Elminate, or significantly decrease, the need for expensive collection agency fees.

For a brief, no=obligation, demo of these services, to receive a list of all of Transworld’s technology interfaces, or to receive my report, “It’s Only Going To Get Worse: Surviving the Tough New Reallity for Physicians”  please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page, or call me directly at 888-780-1333.

Medical practice executives cite financial management issues as most challenging – MGMA

27 Jun

Medical practice executives cite financial management issues as most challenging – MGMA.

As an MGMA Admini-Serve partner for over 13 years, the tools provided by Transworld Systems are THE best answer to the concerns that medical practices are facing in an ever increasing way.

  • We can help you deal with the new reimbursement models that place financial risk on the practice
  • We can help you better manage your finances
  • We can ensure that self-pay patients, or those with high-deductible health plans pay you sooner and more often.

In 22 minutes, I can help you determine if the tools I can provide will help alleviate these concerns for you and your practice.  I will conduct a brief A/R strategy session at no cost or obligation via phone to help you determine if our tools are a good fit for your practice.

Isn’t it worth a 22 minute investment of time?

Transworld Systems and MGMA – an important partnership

2 Jun

MGMA Director of Affinity Relatonships, Glen Papantonio, shares how Transworld Systems has enhanced MGMA practices since 1998.


Practice profitability outlook negative | Healthcare Finance News

23 May

Practice profitability outlook negative | Healthcare Finance News.

I have tools for medical and dental practices that can prevent this from happening. I would love to review them with you and discover if they can help your practice maintain a healthy profitability, even in the face of major challenges. Just respond to me via the form below, and I will be in touch.


Satisfied Medical Clients

5 May

A video montage of current Transworld Systems clients filmed at the national MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) meeting.

Transworld Systems has a 14 year relationship as an “Adminiserve Partner” with the MGMA, and offers MGMA member practices special rates for their services.

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