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A Warning You Need to Read: Don’t Believe in Something For Nothing!

14 Jan

Many businesses have been told by their collection agency that they can provide free collections to them simply by adding the percentage fee onto the debtor’s balance as “the cost of collections”  In other words, promising prospective customers “something for nothing.”  With the high cost of collection agencies, this is a very tempting offer for a business who needs to collect their money and hesitates at paying an agency their typical 30-50% fee for collecting.


First of all, the match doesn’t work anyway.  If the fee is 50% and the agency or the client adds the 50% back into the bill before it is collected, the client will only receive 50% of the new balance, which is not the full amount (only 75% of the original bill)

More importantly than that, the agency is tempting you to violate Federal Laws against usury.  The agency is setting themselves, AND POTENTIALLY YOU, up for a law suit and stiff fines and penalties.  Even if you put a statement to that effect into your financial policy, you may not charge these percentages to recoup your collection fees.

Please take a moment to read this article, copied from the ACA International (American Collector’s Association) website about a recent court case against such an unscrupulous agency.

Court Rules Against Collecting Percentage-Based Fees

Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that charging consumers a percentage
of their account balance as a collection fee is a violation of the FDCPA unless
the consumer explicitly agreed to pay a percentage-based fee.

In a Jan. 2, 2014, ruling, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals found that a collection
agency may not collect a fee based on a percentage of the account balance if the
original contract between the consumer and creditor did not specify the consumer
would be responsible for a percentage-based fee.

In the case, Bradley v. Franklin Collection Service Inc., the consumer plaintiff had
signed a patient agreement when receiving medical treatment that stated, “In the
event of nonpayment… I agree to pay all costs of collection, including a reasonable
attorney’s fee…” The creditor subsequently added a 33-1/3 percent fee (reflecting
the contractually agreed upon fee between the creditor and the collection agency)
before forwarding the account to the collection agency.

The court ruled that the plaintiff, “agreed to pay the actual costs of collection; his
contractual agreement with [creditor] did not require him to pay a collection agency’s
percentage-based fee where that fee did not correlate to the costs of collection.”
The court found that the percentage-based fee, assessed before the collection
agency’s attempt to collect, was not related to the agency’s actual cost of collection,
thus breaching the agreement between the consumer and the creditor. Therefore,
the court held that the collection agency violated the FDCPA by collecting the 33-1/3
percent fee when the consumer only agreed to pay the actual costs of collection.

© 2014 ACA International

In other cases, medical practices, along with the agency, were charged under racketeering laws for the very same offense.  The fines and penalties that they were required to pay were astronomical.

Please, let me show you a way to avoid the percentages charged by these collection agencies, without running afoul of the law, and while collecting more money than they do in the process.

Respond to me through the form below and I will rush you the information on how to avoid these kinds of unscrupulous methods and still collect more of your hard earned money.

The Importance of Cash Flow

5 Sep



Cash flow is the life blood of businesses and there are many businesses and practices that have cash flow problems.  Since 1970 Transworld Systems has been working with small and medium sized businesses and practices to improve their accounts receivable and increase their cash flow!

Transworld Systems can improve your accounts receivable and increase cash flow with Accelerator by recovering your money faster!  Contact me  today to learn more about how we can help you!

Effective Cost Management for Your Medical Practice | Physicians Practice

6 Jun

Here is a good article that I read regarding cost management.  One of the most critical cost management strategies not contained in the article is to control the expense of following up slow-pay insurance claims and patient balances.

Patient responsibility is growing, due to the economy and High Deductible Health Plans.  Follow-up is both costly and challenging for a practice that is trying to keep its labor and overhead costs down, while staring down a growing A/R aging report.

I can show you tools to help you control, and even decrease, your cost of following up insurance and patient balances, while increasing your revenue and profitability.

It only takes an investment of 22 minutes in a free personalized A/R strategy meeting via phone to determine just how much these tools can increase cash flow, reduce costs, and increase revenue to your practice.  If so, you can see results almost immediately.  Isn’t it worth the investment of 22 minutes to find out?

Effective Cost Management for Your Medical Practice | Physicians Practice.

To schedule your free, no-obligations, personalized A/R strategy meeting with me via telephone, respond to me via the form below.

Top 10 Tips To Improve Collections (Part 6)

14 May

It’s a problem faced by virtually every business and medical practice – how to deal with customers / patients who pay their bill late, or not at all.  While customers and patients expect prompt and professional service, they don’t always meet the same standard when it comes to paying their bill.

Accounts not paid promptly can severely impact the cash flow of a business or practice.  A clearly defined and carefully communicated, yet diplomatic payment policy, may help avoid difficult collections situations.

Tip #6


Even “experienced” staff members can sometimes become jaded when dealing with past-due accounts.  This usually happens when the customer/patient has made and broken promises for payment.  Make sure the staff is firm, yet courteous when dealing with them.  Your business’s/practice’s collection staff may benefit from customer service training because, in effect, they must “sell” your customer/patient on the idea that your business/practice expects to be paid.  Make sure that your staff is trained to not only bring the account current, but to also maintain good will.

Contact me if you would like information on training for your staff in customer relations and asking for money.  The consultation is free.

To receive each of these 10 tips by email, please follow this blog by entering your email address on the right side of the page.



Satisfied Medical Clients

5 May

A video montage of current Transworld Systems clients filmed at the national MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) meeting.

Transworld Systems has a 14 year relationship as an “Adminiserve Partner” with the MGMA, and offers MGMA member practices special rates for their services.

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