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Shopping For An EMR System?

12 Feb

Many practices, eager to get into the EMR incentives early, are now finding that they need to change systems to keep up with meaningful use criteria.  Others, who were slow to adopt EMR, are now scrambling to choose the right system for their practice.  Here are some suggestions that might be helpful as you evaluate potential EMR/EHR systems for your practice:


Be sure to check out referrals and references for this particular vendor.  What is their level of experience?  How many installs do they have?  What specialties do they specialize in and what specialties do they have little experience with?  What size practice do they typically install?  Do they have certified products for 2014?  Have they merged or acquired other vendors recently?  What other products do they offer?  Is the EMR/EHR product their main source of business, or is it just an add-on product to their main product line?


How many installs and conversions has this system accomplished?  How many physicians and non-physician practitioners have used, and are currently using, this system.  Is this system integrated with a practice management system, or is it a standalone product that can be integrated with different PM software systems?  If this is a standalone product, what is the cost and the process to integrate the system with current PM systems?  Is there migration and integration assistance?  How long has the system been in active use?  Are there guarantees?


If at all possible, observe other practices that are using the system.  Be detailed.

If you are currently in the market for a new PM system and/or EMR/EHR system, I would like to be of help to you.  There is no cost for the consultation.  In most cases, I can make recommendations to you for systems that would specifically match your practice size, specialties and needs.  Through my contacts in the business, I can also arrange demos for you of systems that would be appropriate for your needs.

This consultation can be accomplished through a brief phone conversation.  I welcome the opportunity to help.  Respond to me through the form at the bottom of this blog, or give me a call at 888-780-1333.