About Mr Cash Flow

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David Wiener (aka Mr. Cash Flow), CEO of Cash Flow Strategies, Inc.,  is an internationally recognized authority on Accounts Receivable management and cash flow optimization.  He is a sought-after speaker on topics surrounding optimization of Accounts Receivable and Collections, Medical and Dental Practice Management, Insurance Claim Resolution and Leadership.

David has over 30 years experience in medical and dental practice management and consulting, practice management software, Accounts Receivable management, cash flow optimization, medical billing and collections, EMR and staff efficiency.

His clients, in the US and out, have entrusted his expertise with the management of over $40 million dollars of accounts receivable in the last 5 years alone, and have received his expertise, advice, and a great return on their money as a result.

David offers a free Accounts Receivable Analysis to any business, medical practice, or dental practice that would like one.  To request this free no-obligation analysis, request one by contacting him by email at david.wiener@transworldsystems.com.

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