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Cyber Security and Debt Collection

20 Nov

Did you know that employees account for 43 percent of data loss, whether intentional or accidental? The remaining data breaches occur because of criminal infiltration. Regardless of the threat, our research shows that data loss and security breaches cost companies an average of $4 million in 2016, during which more than four billion pieces of confidential data were exposed.

Unfortunately, failing to create an effective cyber security system for your data collection efforts could put your customers and your company at risk.

Risks Associated With Cyber Security and Debt Collection

Data is easier to steal than you think.

Debt collection records are particularly sensitive because they contain significant financial information. The sensitivity elevates if you’re in the healthcare industry because your data might include personal health information (PHI).

Since you must report data breaches, your company’s reputation can take a serious hit if your customers’ data becomes compromised. Additionally, you could face serious consequences with regard to your cash flow, accounts receivable management, and stakeholders.

A data breach involving debt collection records could result in a serious fine from a regulatory body. Back in 2012, for instance, an auto dealership and a debt collector had to reach a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over data breaches that took place because of peer-to-peer file sharing.

Unfortunately, data breaches are on the rise. Our research reveals that 2016 saw nearly 40 percent more data breaches than 2015, and 94 of those breaches exposed at least a million confidential records each. Consumers value their privacy. In 2016, more than 15 million American consumers suffered from some sort of identity theft.

Cyber Security Solutions for Debt Collection

Getting best-in-class security for your data can help prevent breaches and other cyber security issues.

Many businesses don’t have the infrastructure necessary to meet HIPAA, NIST, FISMA, and PCI-DSS guidelines. That’s why working with a well-equipped collection agency can become a major asset.

Established collection agencies that secure their data against breaches can help protect your company from lawsuits, fines, reputation hits, and other consequences of a data breach. When you’re looking for a collection agency to handle your accounts receivable, make sure the candidate you choose follows these guidelines:

  • Data protection for data while it’s at rest, in processing, and in transit
  • Secure data center with 100 percent uptime
  • Redundancies in place to preserve data
  • Employees who are experts in specific data security areas, such as HIPAA, depending on your industry

Furthermore, you want to work with a debt collection agency that views security as a priority. As hackers and other criminals find new ways to skim data from victims, debt collectors must keep up with those attempts and find new ways to prevent intrusion.

You also want to make sure that your data is physically safe. Data centers should be equipped to prevent physical intrusion, fire and flood damage, and other catastrophes.

At TSI, our service portfolio is compliant with NIST, FISMA, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA. We employ security specialists with years of experience and expertise in protecting data against loss and corruption. If you’re looking for a debt collection agency to not only promote healthy cash flow and collect outstanding payments but also to preserve your data, we’re here for you. Contact me now to start optimizing your revenue.


Shopping For An EMR System?

12 Feb

Many practices, eager to get into the EMR incentives early, are now finding that they need to change systems to keep up with meaningful use criteria.  Others, who were slow to adopt EMR, are now scrambling to choose the right system for their practice.  Here are some suggestions that might be helpful as you evaluate potential EMR/EHR systems for your practice:


Be sure to check out referrals and references for this particular vendor.  What is their level of experience?  How many installs do they have?  What specialties do they specialize in and what specialties do they have little experience with?  What size practice do they typically install?  Do they have certified products for 2014?  Have they merged or acquired other vendors recently?  What other products do they offer?  Is the EMR/EHR product their main source of business, or is it just an add-on product to their main product line?


How many installs and conversions has this system accomplished?  How many physicians and non-physician practitioners have used, and are currently using, this system.  Is this system integrated with a practice management system, or is it a standalone product that can be integrated with different PM software systems?  If this is a standalone product, what is the cost and the process to integrate the system with current PM systems?  Is there migration and integration assistance?  How long has the system been in active use?  Are there guarantees?


If at all possible, observe other practices that are using the system.  Be detailed.

If you are currently in the market for a new PM system and/or EMR/EHR system, I would like to be of help to you.  There is no cost for the consultation.  In most cases, I can make recommendations to you for systems that would specifically match your practice size, specialties and needs.  Through my contacts in the business, I can also arrange demos for you of systems that would be appropriate for your needs.

This consultation can be accomplished through a brief phone conversation.  I welcome the opportunity to help.  Respond to me through the form at the bottom of this blog, or give me a call at 888-780-1333.

Great news for users of Epic, Mysis Tiger, Mac Practice, and Medisoft PM Software

21 Nov

Not only does Transworld Systems offer the most unique and cost effective solutions for managing a medical practices patient accounts, they now offer an interface with most major medical practice management software packages.  New to the list is:

Mysis Tiger
Mac Practice and

Users of these, and many other software packages/systems can now seamlessly interface with Transworld’s unique 4-stage approach to patient A/R management.  This revolutionary, automated, technology based solutions provides medical practices with the ability to:

1.  Cut internal expenses and staff time spent chasing slow pay and delinquent patient accounts
2.  Speed up cash flow and increase bottom line profits for the practice
3.  Ensure compliance with ever increasing and changing Federal, State and local regulations.
4.  Elminate, or significantly decrease, the need for expensive collection agency fees.

For a brief, no=obligation, demo of these services, to receive a list of all of Transworld’s technology interfaces, or to receive my report, “It’s Only Going To Get Worse: Surviving the Tough New Reallity for Physicians”  please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page, or call me directly at 888-780-1333.

Flourishing in Changing Times: A dental office should have solid systems in place – DentistryIQ

13 Jun

Flourishing in Changing Times: A dental office should have solid systems in place – DentistryIQ.

I totally agree with the idea behind this article.

As the world changes around us, and reality demands efficiency and effectiveness in every area of a practice. solid, workable systems are mandatory.

From my perspective, one of the most critical systems to have in place has to do with your revenue cycle.  Getting paid quickly by insurance companies and patients is vital to a practice’s success in the new economy.  Having systems in place to make that happen, and systems in place for what to do when they don’t are challenging, at best, for a practice to accomplish on their own.

New options have become available and affordable for even small practices to utilize technology and new tools that enable them to do very systematic follow-up on insurance claims, without having to spend staff time waiting on hold for insurance clerks to find claims, and to follow-up on patient balances.  These tools will not only enable the practice to get more of their money faster than ever before, but also free up staff time to work on more productive and profitable activities.

I offer practices a free, no-obligation look at these tools to determine if they make sense (and profits) for their practice.  Isn’t it worth an investment of 22 minutes to find out how much more profit your practice could be making right now?

Respond to me with the form below and request a brief, telephone meeting.

Strategic Partnership Benefits US Dental Practices

5 May

Sikka-logo-NO-DS---0.9-x-2.8   TSI rgb

Transworld Systems/Sikka Software Partnership

Transworld Systems has proudly partnered with Sikka Software Company to bring dental practices a unique receivables management tool called Dental Collect. Dental Collect integrates seamlessly with your practice management system (PMS), and helps dental practices increase overall cash flow while saving time and maintaining patient diplomacy.

Sikka Software Corporation

Sikka Software Corporation is the leading innovator in developing Business Intelligence Software for the small business healthcare community. Their software products enable small business healthcare offices to take control of the business and clinical aspects of managing day-to-day operations, which over time have become more complex and involved.

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