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6 Jun

Here is a good article that I read regarding cost management.  One of the most critical cost management strategies not contained in the article is to control the expense of following up slow-pay insurance claims and patient balances.

Patient responsibility is growing, due to the economy and High Deductible Health Plans.  Follow-up is both costly and challenging for a practice that is trying to keep its labor and overhead costs down, while staring down a growing A/R aging report.

I can show you tools to help you control, and even decrease, your cost of following up insurance and patient balances, while increasing your revenue and profitability.

It only takes an investment of 22 minutes in a free personalized A/R strategy meeting via phone to determine just how much these tools can increase cash flow, reduce costs, and increase revenue to your practice.  If so, you can see results almost immediately.  Isn’t it worth the investment of 22 minutes to find out?

Effective Cost Management for Your Medical Practice | Physicians Practice.

To schedule your free, no-obligations, personalized A/R strategy meeting with me via telephone, respond to me via the form below.

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