Just 1 Doc in 10 Meets Meaningful Use Criteria

9 Jun

This is horrible.  Many of the practices who originally jumped on the EMR bandwagon because there was money to be gained, are finding that it’s not as easy as they thought it would be.  I’m seeing lots of practices buying their second or third EMR system to find the one that they can use, and that will achieve them meaningful use.

PLEASE!  Talk with me before jumping at the next “shiny thing” in EMR.  I can help you find the right next step to get you to meaningful use.  And, NO, I don’t sell EMR systems.  I just have devoted my life and career to helping doctors and dentists do businesses the right way.

Take a look at this article, and then respond to me via the form at the bottom.

Just 1 Doc in 10 Meets Meaningful Use Criteria.

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