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Patient payment responsiblity increases | Healthcare Finance News

11 Jun

Patient Payment Responsibility Increases.

Does this surprise you????

If you have been paying attention these last few years, you already knew this.  It has been steadily going up for a lot of years.  What many doctors and practice administrators don’t know, or aren’t paying attention to, is the result of this increase.

Doctors MUST, perhaps for the first time, figure out how to get patients AND insurance companies to pay them faster.  In many cases, to pay them at all.  To fail to do this quickly is resulting in:

  1. A 10-fold increase in SBA backed loans made to medical practices over the last 10 years.
  2. An unprecedented number of physicians forced to declare bankruptcy, even though they have very busy practices.

This does not have to happen!!  It is foolish and unsustainable.  I can show you, in 22 minutes, how to get more patients paying you, and faster than before as well as speeding up the response time from insurance companies who benefit from dragging their feet before finally sending you a check.  I can show you how to do it for less than you are currently spending to do it the way that you are currently doing it, possibly the reason for the problem after all.

Respond to me via the form at the bottom of this email, requesting a 22 minute A/R strategy session.  It won’t cost you anything and you will know, when we are done, if the tools I recommend will help you put more cash in your accounts than you are currently getting.  Even so, after we are done you are under no obligation to take my advice.

Isn’t it worth a 22 minute phone call?

Patient payment responsiblity increases | Healthcare Finance News.

Dispelling Collection Myths

25 May




ACA (American Collectors Association) International seeks to dispel commonly held myths about the credit and collections industry. Today more than 30 million consumers have delinquent or defaulted accounts under collection, averaging $1,400 each.

“Repayment of consumer debt is the lifeblood of America’s credit-based system and vitally important to the national and state economies,” ACA International Chief Executive Officer Pat Morris said. “It helps ensure that affordable credit is available, goods and services remain affordable, sustains jobs and supports keeping taxes low.”

As an industry, third-party debt collectors help employ more than 300,000 people, pay nearly $2 billion in federal, state and local taxes, donate $85 million and volunteer 650,000 hours to charitable organizations in local communities. “Whether a small town hospital, business or a city struggling to recover taxpayer owed dollars, organizations large and small rely on the recovery of rightfully owed consumer debt,” Morris said.

Myth 1: Avoiding a Debt Collector Makes the Debt Go Away. Consumers who ask debt collectors to stop contact or choose not to respond to calls or letters often mistakenly believe it means their debt has been eliminated. Avoiding contact will not erase a debt. Instead, consumers should communicate with collectors to discuss the account, verify its accuracy and work on a plan for resolution. If consumers don’t owe the debt, communicating with collectors can help put a stop to calls or letters.

Myth 2: Consumers Don’t Have Rights in the Recovery of Past Due Accounts. The collection of consumer debt is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States. Consumers have important rights under a number of federal and state laws. For more information about what to do if contacted by a debt collector please visit http://www.askdoctordebt.org.

Myth 3: All Debt Collectors are Bad. Just as “all consumers” aren’t the same, neither are all debt collectors. Most are committed to professionalism, training and customer service. When it comes to the “bad guys,” we want to put them out of business just as consumers do. ACA International and its members continue to work with state and federal policymakers, regulators, courts and attorneys general to comply with the law and hold accountable those who do not.

Myth 4: It is Boom Time for Debt Collectors. It’s no secret that consumers have struggled financially in the current economy. Despite an increase in defaults and delinquency, the inability of consumers to repay rightfully owed debts trickles down to those charged with their recovery.

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