Anxious About Public Speaking?

1 Sep

Some people enjoy public speaking and some are deathly afraid of speaking to a group of people. Public speaking is one of my favorite parts of my work. It is natural and energizing for me. That being said, I know a lot of people who wouldn’t even consider taking an opportunity to speak to a group, especially a large group. I totally understand where they are coming from, and enjoy helping those who want to get over their fear.

The Fear Is Real

Public Speaking Fear, or Glossophobia, can be paralyzing… You probably know the feeling. You can work for weeks, learn the materials, prepare the presentation. You try to ignore the anxiety. And then it’s the moment… You go to the stand… Your throat is dry, you begin to stutter… Your brain feels empty.

It’s Common

Public speaking anxiety is much more common than you may think. Up to 75% of the population suffer from it. You are not alone in worrying about speaking in public; many people experience “stage fright” when they have to give a speech. Many of us take the fear of public speaking as being a weakness and will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid it. Obsessing about your performance as a public speaker haunts beginners and experienced speakers alike. Even the most skilled public speakers, admit they battle with their nerves before a big presentation.

Fight Or Flight

The sense of nervousness is caused by a sudden rush of the hormone adrenaline into the nervous system. This causes a “fight or flight” reaction. This reaction, stated very basically, is when we are confronted with a threatening situation, such as an automobile swerving in front of us. The adrenaline rush stimulates our physiological reactions.

Nervousness Can Be Positive

As speakers, we can use what nature has given us to our advantage. Nerves are good if we learn to control them. Adrenaline helps us perform better, it is our bodies own natural stimulant. Start by recognizing that the nervous tension we feel as we address a group is a form of positive energy. Being nervous is good, as it shows that you really care about getting your message across. You value your credibility and want to sound and look good to your audience.


  • Most people rank public speaking as their number one fear
  • People make a lot of excuses to avoid speaking in public
  • Speaking creates an adrenaline rush. You can harness this adrenaline, and make it work for you
  • It is not shameful to feel anxious about public speaking

So, What Can We Do?

  • Relax and take deep breaths, slow down your breathing, get it rhythmical
  • Remember adrenaline is causing your physical effects
  • You are not nervous, you are excited—change your mind set
  • Identify and control your “comforter,” root your feet to stop movements. Pay attention not to fidget with your hair, ring, pockets, etc.

Help Is Available

The phobia of speaking in public is a very serious condition and can potentially take over the lives of people suffering from it. The good news is that this phobia can be reversed and that there are lots of help to overcome this problem. If you would like help in this area, please contact me.

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