Top 10 Tips To Improve Collections (Part 4)

12 May

It’s a problem faced by virtually every business and medical practice – how to deal with customers / patients who pay their bill late, or not at all.  While customers and patients expect prompt and professional service, they don’t always meet the same standard when it comes to paying their bill.

Accounts not paid promptly can severely impact the cash flow of a business or practice.  A clearly defined and carefully communicated, yet diplomatic payment policy, may help avoid difficult collections situations.

Tip #4


No law says your business/practice can contact a customer/patient only once a month.  The old adage, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” has a great deal of merit when it comes to collecting slow pay and delinquent accounts.  Contacting late payers every 7-14 days will enable you to diplomatically remind the customer/patient of your terms of payment.

If recent economic conditions have made it impossible, due to reduced or inadequate staffing levels, to make contacts that frequently, never fear.  What used to be a benefit that only the largest companies/practices could afford, there are now VERY inexpensive services available that will do the contacting for you, in your name.  This accomplishes the level of frequency you need, without spending more money (often even less) than it would cost you to do the contacting in-house.

For more information on services that are available to increase the frequency and effectiveness of account follow-up, please contact me personally.

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